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Affirmation Power Is Our New Book



Hi Gavin & Ingrid  here,

And our new book is out, it’s called….


My beautiful wife Ingrid, and I have been writing it for the past year. You can now get it on Amazon Kindle, with free reader Apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

(Yes, I thought you could only read Kindle Publications on Kindle Readers too!)

We wrote it for you if you are stuck on The Secret.

If you believe in The Law Of Attraction, and you’ve read the book, listened to the mp3s, and seen the movie…our book is for you. Maybe you are still waiting for the good luck and prosperity to start flowing?

Don’t give up..we think we have found the secret behind The Secret.

The are twenty chapters, with every tool that we can offer to propel your success. If you click on the BLUE link below, you can get the list of contents and first chapter free.

Please play the YouTube video and the blue link just below this takes you straight to kindle

where you can get the first chapter free



Want 2014 To Be Your Best Year Ever?

2012 Your Best Year Ever?

2012 Your Best Year Ever? Gavin Says Make Sure 2013 Is


Want 2014 To Be Your Best Year Ever? Time To Plan And Change  The Rest Of 2014

Hi and thank you for visiting my website,

2014 Your Best Year Ever?

We’re just a few months past the closing moments of 2013, and how have the last 12 months been for you?

Let’s go back to the very start of last year.

Full of good intention, you probably set your heart on fixing some of 2013′s problems by deciding on a different pattern of behavior last year.

Is the journey from 2012 to 2013, and then 2014 going to be just the same?

Of course you recognize your own hang-ups, and at least one day of every year you and I intend to deal with them. How much time has slipped by, and what action did you take?

At the end of the year will you once again be writing down the same New Years Resolutions?

I bet trying to earn a bit more money was among last year’s promises to yourself. The 1st of January this year seems quite close now.

So how did you do since then? If you achieved all you set out to, well done!

If not, please get a blank sheet of paper…and let’s start again.

Here are a few tips for finally getting what you really desire.

It’s never too late to start. Just start!

  • Your personal challenge could be to stop smoking, lose a few pounds of weight, go to the gym more often, or break free from that tyrannical employer or tedious job. (Maybe he or she has already made that choice for you?) You are of course not alone. We all know exactly what we need to do, but all too often we lose sight of our personal promise to take action. Will this be the year that you and finally succeed? Here are 10 tips to help you start that home business. You can finally work for a great Boss, YOU.
  • Focus. This means knowing what you want from your life, and keeping it clearly in your mind. Spend some time right now with that blank sheet of paper. Write down in graphic detail exactly how your life should be. You have the right to be happy. Do not concentrate on money here.
  • Keep your dreams where you can see them at the important times of the day. Turn your goals into pictures. Make a collage of photographs by pinning them onto a board, or use images as a computer screensaver. It’s up to you. But, you must put them where you can see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The most important thing is to revisit your future vision pictures every day. Dr Wayne Dyer says, “You’ll see it when you believe it.” He’s right.
  • Take that first step. Reach your goal by moving towards it. The whole journey can be daunting, but small steps in the right direction will get you there. The Law Of Attraction works, but you have to take action. If you eally want a new car, clear out the garage and create a space where you can actually park it.
  • Find a hero to follow. We all need a mentor, and nowadays that does not mean we have to meet them. The easy route to success is to emulate the pattern of an already successful person. You will find that the most basic and most powerful resource is attitude. It is the key to building your perfect future. adopt the attitude of a great motivator like Tony Robbins.
  • Exercise your mind. Like any other muscle, your brain gets slack and lazy through lack of use. Make up your mind to master a new skill. It could be through formal training, or self-teaching. Your computer offers thousands of opportunities to become more than you are. Set out to become at expert at something. The mental reward from doing this will lift you. Then plan to pass on your skills.
  • Pay attention to yourself. Make a mental note of how you conduct yourself. Are you an achiever or an avoider? Do a few forgotten mistakes of the past still rule your actions today? Be bold and shake off ingrained habits. Make today a brand new start. Forgive yourself once and for all for mistake of the past.
  • Give some of your time to helping others. This may just be fund raising or working in a charity shop, perhaps by visiting an elderly person in your community? Your investment in time will return to you in other ways. Give some of your income too.
  • Find a new way to make something easier. The simple formula for creating great products or services is to provide convenient solutions to everyday problems. Making a simple video course, showing how to do something step by step, is often all it takes. There are always people at that beginner stage who want to move forward. Show them how to do it.
  • Remember that the customer is King (or Queen) Put yourself in the place of your most critical customer. What do they really want from you, or from your business or service? How can you serve the principle of providing the greatest value? Always over-deliver!
  • Get started by Googling a list of the previous most popular New Years’ resolutions. Each one is an opportunity for someone to make a fortune. That person could easily be you? The most common problems always fall into the realms of Money, Motivation, Health, and Emotion.
  • As time goes by, your intentions will fade. Use affirmations to build and refresh your new positive attitude. It takes 30 days to change your previous behaviour. Unless your resolve is regenerated regularly, you will take the easiest course of action. (That’s human nature!)
  • Stay away from Vampires! They are the people who don’t want you to change or succeed. They will suck the ambition out of you. Mix with positive, successful people who also have dreams. Help them to realize theirs.

We may focus on the solution to our own problems just once a year, but the people with the magic wand and solutions to help us achieve our desired result will make a fortune.

2014  Your Best Year Ever? If you made that promise last year, 2014 is here. Start NOW

Good luck.


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About the author: Gavin McCoy is an award winning UK based Broadcasting and Marketing Consultant.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gavin_McCoy


Wordfence WordPress Security Works

Wordfence WordPress Security Works

Beating Back Door Burglars.


A few weeks ago, I found out that hackers had destroyed the website owned by a friend of mine. The site took many weeks to build, and overnight all of that good work was gone.

It was her business showcase and more importantly her revenue source.

Now it was trashed and offline.

You can imagine how upset she was, and how uneasy she felt about anonymous people gaining entry to the website Admin back office and maliciously tampering with her property.

Who would do such a thing?

It got me thinking about my own website security, or lack of it. (Actually, we now run around 100 WordPress sites!)

It is practically impossible to patrol all of them, and to see if any files were already vulnerable or compromised. In any case, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do even if they were. I had absolutely no idea if the same vermin were trying to break into my own online estate.

The incident served as a wake-up call.

What I needed was an alert and vigilant cyber sentry, on duty 24 hours a day.

I set about a little research, and eventually found an incredible free WordPress plug-in to do the job.

Before I tell you exactly what it is, let me say that what I discovered after installing it on just one website completely shocked me.

I found out that every single day there were multiple attempts to log into the admin dashboard, recover lost passwords and to gain un-authorised entry. The plug-in listed the exact countries, IPs and origins of the attacks.

It also showed me fake “bots” regularly “crawling” my website and probing on behalf of the attackers.

Using the settings panel, I switched on an alert email to warn me each time an elicit attempt was made to break and enter.

My inbox was overflowing within 24 hours.

My next action, based on this scary information, was to turn on a feature that excluded the evil visitors from gaining access to the public or private side of the website ever again.

There can be no legitimate reason at all why anyone in The Russian Federation, Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania or Nigeria would want to pretend to have Admin rights to any of my websites and gain access.  I have absolutely no business coming in from them, yet time and time again, I received warnings that people in those countries had tried to log in.

So what were they up to?

At worst, they could be planting pornography, stealing transactions, using the site for phishing, pornography, dealing in drugs, money laundering, organizing terrorism, engaging in espionage, selling fake designer goods, medications, or just getting a sick kick from undoing hard work.

After using the plug-in for a few days, I discovered how to make all of the “banning” actions work automatically. I elevated the security level to zero tolerance. Just one transgression produced lifetime exclusion for the hacker.

My first test was enlightening, frightening, and conclusive.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you are at risk from having your website invaded and possibly banned by your hosting company.

I have rolled the plug-in out across my network of websites.

The same astonishing results were duplicated everywhere, because around the clock hackers were trying to take control by logging in.

Once installed, the software automatically scanned and found altered files, and thankfully restored their integrity.

It is so satisfying to know that for the time being the hackers are defeated.

The plug-in is actually called WordFence. There may be many other WP firewalls, but I am very confident that this one is doing a great job to secure my online business.

The worst hacking offenders use a hosting outfit called kimsufi.com








SEO gives me a big headache.

Talking about it reminds me of conversations with my old insurance man, or a Tax Inspector. The conversation is full of words and phrases like amortisation, straight-line depreciation, capital assets,   algorithms, and similar secret code to baffle mere mortals.

To be honest it’s all double Dutch to me.

The tone is over-serious, packed with jargon, and somehow my simple brain can’t take it all in.

However, when it comes to SEO I do know these two things.

A:     Good SEO gets your site noticed and ranked by the essential search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

B:    The search engines then send you a stream of visitors. Who are turned into subscribers, and paying customers.

Without good SEO, you are dead before you begin. You build a beautiful  shop, right in the middle of the desert.

Lots of us have created an information product and made an attractive website.  We are highly satisfied with result, and supercharge with enthusiasm.

Then no one comes to see our masterpiece.

The result is disappointment, the feeling that it’s all been a waste of time, money down the drain, and somehow that the people who do make cash, are in league with the Devil! They belong to some secret fraternity, and they hold back the real secrets from you and me.

Well, here is the real secret.

Your website has to answer the question put into Google by the “searcher”.

He or she will use a simple phrase, like “How to build a chicken shed”, rather than “How to construct nocturnal accommodation for Gallus gallus domesticus.”

If you provide a quality answer for that simple question, then Google will put you on the first page of that big list of suggestions it always churns out. Ideally, you need to be right at the top to get the most traffic. If that sounds impersonal, just substitute visitors for traffic.

When you put the right stuff that people need to know exactly where Google looks for it, you win.

Google regularly publishes a guide to all the bits and bobs that it considers most important. A few weeks later, it revises everything.  If you want to invest 6 months, you can get to grips the finer points.

What do they want from my silly little website?

Your job is to provide the best content experience for the person searching. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Like me, you might have wrestled with SEO, because you know you should. We’ve all downloaded plugins, read manuals, had conversations with geeks, listened to webinars, and bought bright shiny SEO products.

Once you’ve installed them, the plugins have created a maze of options and boxes on the editor section of the home page.  Did you look at them and sink even deeper into confusion.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a free gizmo from a Dutchman with the first name Joost. No, it doesn’t rhyme with boost.  It rhymes with toast!

To avoid confusion he’s called his clever baby YOAST. (I mentioned double Dutch earlier!)

He’s just made the whole SEO trial a whole lot easier.

Here’s how.

You install the plugin, then you go straight to the page you want checked. On the right- hand side is a little button that says “check”, and beside that is a little traffic light bulb. It will probably be grey.

Click “check” and the little light changes colour. You could get a red, amber, or green.

I’ve no need to explain what they mean.

If you get a red light, the page zooms to a column of faults. Displayed right in front of you is the exact cause. For example, “you have not selected a keyword for this page.”  When you fill in…”How to build a chicken shed” the green light goes on.  Bingo, there are about 15 things to get right. You just proceed steadfastly through them, one at a time.

The software tells you immediately if you got it right or wrong. How simple is that?

You get a real thrill as you see the column of red lights turn to amber, then green.  The plugin responds to all of your revisions and makes suggestions on how you can fine tune things even further.

From knowing nothing, I’ve found that following YOAST’s lead, my lowly sites are now climbing the ladder. Some sit at page one.

As I confessed in the beginning, I’m a real duffer when I try other SEO methods, but not with YOAST.

Of course, I’m now working my way through my whole batch of websites.

Once you get to grips with getting your green lights glowing, you can explore the deeper functions to jet propel your website even further.

I’m always amazed at WordPress and the galaxy of free resources, YOAST is another shining star.





Mailing List Auto-responder Mastery Builds Business Loyal Customers

Mailing List autoresponder mastery is absolutely necessary for any business today. Take our course and get the edge over your competitors.


Udemy Course


 Setting your First Mailing List with Aweber, Because Mailing List Autoresponder Mastery Builds Business Loyal Customers


You’ve decided to run an online business. You realize that one of the most important steps you’ll ever take is building your list.  That means attracting visitors, then encouraging them to give permission to provide you with access to their contact details in order to receive email from you. Such as, newsletters, updates, short emails, courses, niche-specific tips, affiliate offers — and that first original offer you’re ready to present!


In order to do any and all of the above, you’ll need an Autoresponder.


In this first guide I’ll show you how a good Autoresponder works, How to set up Aweber, the one Autoresponder service that includes all the components you need, in five easy steps.

This will be the longest of our four-guide series… but don’t worry: It will be worth it.  This guide is packed with step-by-step screen shots, as well as tips it really helps to know in advance, when setting up an Autoresponder list for the first time.

What Exactly is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder allows you to send pre-automated emails to a list of subscribers.

It adds personalized interactivity to your website or blog.

Think of it as the difference between sticking flyers on a thousand cars in a parking lot and hoping someone will come to your party… or inviting your best friends personally.

Sending personalized “invitations” means only those people who know you and like you will accept your invitation.


It works like this:


  1. You place a sign-up box on your sales page, squeeze page, website or blog
  2. You drive people to that sign-up box via blog posts, social marketing, search engine optimization, advertising or other forms of networking
  3. Interested readers voluntarily sign up via this box and give you their contact details
  4. You send them regular emails, either giving valuable information or inviting them to view your offers


That’s your subscriber “list”, that all-important factor between eternally preparing to make money online — and actually, finally doing it.

Why an Autoresponder is Important for an Online Business


In the real world (the business world) using an Autoresponder means you’ll have:

  • A roster of subscribers who have pre-screened and pre-qualified themselves as ideal prospects for your business offers
  • A ready-made customer base, any time you’re ready to present an offer
  • Potential affiliates to sell your product (which they’re delighted with)


You also need only subscribers who have voluntarily given you permission to email them because of the Can-Spam act, which actively forbids unsolicited mailings.  Ignore the Can-Spam act, and you are likely to find your site down after one of your victims lodges a complaint with your internet service provider.


How to Prevent Autoresponder Anxiety


When it comes time to set up this list, many new marketers suffer unnecessarily from Autoresponder anxiety.

One of the best ways to overcome this?  Choose a user-friendly Autoresponder service that walks you through their process step by step.  Making it easy for you to build your list quickly and correctly.

The anxiety can be lessened even more, if you have a basic understanding of how this is going to work for you.


There are only three basic components to set up initially:

  • A Sign-up list
  • A Confirmation email, asking those who sign up to click a link to confirm they deliberately chose to sign up (Aweber provides a default one you can customize)
  • A Welcome email, thanking your subscriber for joining and telling them when to expect more content from you (pre-write your welcome email and copy-paste) or where to download your freebie

Simple, isn’t it?


(You’ll also need a Web Form for sign-up, but we’ll take care of that in Guide # 2.)


Your Autoresponder will also automate essential elements, such as Unsubscribe details and an Unsubscribe link, which will be automatically inserted in all your emails.


After that, you’ll want to regularly send a mix of:


  • Broadcast emails
  • Follow-up emails


A Broadcast email is a general email you send to your entire list at the same time — for example, your monthly email Newsletter — on a specific, fixed date.  Or an announcement of a special offer.  It stands alone.


A Follow-up email (or a series of Follow-up emails, such as a short email course) is sent to new subscribers individually, at set intervals after sign up.  These are sequential.

Mailing List Auto-responder Mastery Builds Business Loyal Customers

Choosing which type of email to insert into your list content is as simple as clicking a tab and choosing your message type:



How To Use Successful Internet Marketing For New Business Owners

Quickly And Easily Master Our Udemy Course Showing You How to Avoid The Costly Mistakes


Udemy Course



Udemy Course


Totally Targeted Twitter

Udemy Course


How To Extract More From Your List?…

SUBJECT: How To Extract More From Your List?…


Hi Fellow Internet Marketer


I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say

that you’ve heard the following said somewhere on

your internet travels…


“The money is in the list”


I’d like to challenge that. No the money is NOT

in the list. It’s in the QUALITY of the list.


Anyone can build (and buy for that matter) a

large quantity of subscribers, but when it comes

to promoting a product, they produce some

appalling numbers.


No, the trick is not about how many subscribers

you can get, it’s what you DO with them that



One marketer could have 10,000 on his list but

get a 1% conversion when he sends out a promo

email. Another marketer could have just 1000 on

his list, but get a 20% conversion.


Who’s going to bring in the most bacon?


Not only does it cost you more to store those

leads, but your unsubscribe rates will be higher,

and you’ll be kicking yourself figuring out why

someone with less subscribers manages to bring in

more sales. Don’t be the one with that 1%

converting list!


List building is a system, however email

marketing is an art. What I’d like to share with

you today is the art of extracting the maximum

amount of cash from your existing mailing list

and thinking less about filling up your

auto-responder with dormant leads.


You can watch the first part of the video for

free below:




Everything You Need To Create A Successful Product Online

SUBJECT: Everything You Need To Create A Successful Product Online


Hi Fellow Marketer


Here Is Everything You Need To Create A Successful Product Online


If you have decided to create your first product online then I say to you congratulations!


You are now one step closer to earning a solid income online and taking back control from the

Gurus that have been controlling the money game for too long.


The following are some of the areas that you will need to address as you put together your plan to

create your first product.


The most important area you will need to look at is the market research area before you get

started. I’ve covered some of this in previous emails but the name of the game here is making

sure that there is a market for what you are selling. Don’t make the mistake of creating a

product and expending all your time and energy and something that no one wants. This is the

crucial part.


Next you will need to create your product, whether it’s a video series or eBook, you can get

someone else to create it for you if you want.


The next step will be to create your website and your copy and to make sure that you have an

affiliate page attached so you can attract a group of affiliates to sell your product you in

the marketplace.


You are now ready to make money!


If the all of the above sounds like a lot of work, you are right! There are many elements that

you will need to master if your product launch online is to be a success.


If you would like to bypass this steep learning curve and simply start creating winning products

in 24 hours from now, I have created a simple to follow system that can show you how it’s done.


If you haven’t already done so, you can check out this fantastic home study course that covers

EVERY aspect of product creation that will put you ahead of the 95% who are still looking for

that magic bullet!

Everything You Need To Create A Successful Product Online

Please click the link below…






How To Create Your Own Products In 24 Hours Or Less!

How To Create Your Own Products In 24 Hours Or Less!

The One Thing All SUCCESSFUL Marketers Have In Common..



Besides a list of subscribers, what is the one

thing that all great marketers have in common?


..Their own product!


Yes! Every marketer has their own product and

their own niche to promote their product to.


Not only that but they have their own affiliate

program to allow others to promote their product

too whilst earning a handsome commission!


Creating your own products needn’t be hard, nor

do you have to start from scratch as you’re about

to find out..


Here are my 6 tips to creating a successful



1. Target a hungry market.


You need to target desperate *BUYERS* and NOT

freebie seekers! If you want your products to

sell, get in front of people who are willing to

spend by addressing their needs and problems!


2. Connect with your target market.


Before you develop your products, talk to your

target market first. Visit the forums and ask

them what answers they’re looking for, what

problems they’re facing, even collect stories of

their problems and use them as selling points on

your sales letter.


3. Check on your competitors.


What kind of products do these people offer to

their customers? What are their strengths and

weaknesses? How do they market their products?

What are they doing, what does their sales page

look like? How can you outplay them?


4. Check on your resources.


You need to make sure that you have all what it

takes to create your products. Are you going to

do this alone? Are you starting from scratch, are

you going to use PLR, can you afford to hire

someone and how long do you have? Have a full

plan first to avoid setbacks!


5. Charge appropriately.


Don’t undercharge and don’t be greedy. Ensure

you’re covering you time and out-goings whilst

levelling up with your competitors. If you intend

to charge more, you must be able to bring more

value to your products such as gifts and bonuses.


6. Promote!


You’re not going to make one sale if no one knows

that your product exists! You need to implement

multiple methods of generating traffic back to

your website. You should be promoting with

article submissions, social book-marking,

directory submissions, press releases, video

promos, blogging, pinging, setting up an

affiliate program.. the lot!


This will ensure your product’s success and

sustained flow of traffic for years to come.


So there you have it…6 rules for you to follow

when you come to create your own product….

*Target your niche

*Connect with your prospects

*Check out your competition

*Use what’s already available

*Strategic pricing

*Promote promote promote!


Now you already know more than what 95% of other

marketers know!


If you want long term income and stable income

online, creating your own product is a must. The

trick is though; to be able to create multiple

high quality products that you can keep on

churning out to make more and more money online.


Whilst this product creation is a entire topic

onto itself, there is one home study course out

there that’s packed with all the information you

need and has already had raving reviews from other



It’s called The 1 Day Product Creator is a full

blown home study course that will show you how to

create your own niche product from scratch in as

little as 1 day.


Once you’ve practiced this skill, you’ll be able

to churn out site after site and build multiple

sources of income for yourself!


This is ONE skill that should not be overlooked!


Check it out here:






A Website Building System With NO FTP’ing, NO HTML, NO Writing Involved?…

A website building system with NO FTP’ing, NO HTML, NO writing involved?…

We all need to use software at some point in our

lives to be able to perform complicated tasks

with relative ease.


Computer’s need an operating system, graphic

designers need Photoshop, writers need Microsoft

Word, for online browsing you need FireFox etc.


The same is true in the world of internet

marketing. New software sprouts up every day to

make tedious and complicated tasks easy. Some do

the job well, whilst some others still need



There are lead generators that go out and collect

emails for you. There are link builders that

generate back links for you. There are article

submitters that give your site more exposure.


But if you’re a beginner, NONE of these tools

will be any good to you because you won’t know

how to use them or get the most out of them.


However there is a new piece of online-based

software on the market which allows beginners to

select, edit and upload their own affiliate

website within a matter of minutes.


No need to research a market

No need to pick affiliate products

No need to design your own website

No need to write any sales copy

No need to for an FTP uploader

No need to edit complicated HTML


And so much more…


They’ve really thought of everything… even video

training so you know how to get traffic to your



Not all of us were born with the gift of

programming or creating beautiful mini-sites nor

do we all have the time of day to learn all these

picky details which is why Instant Site Uploader

was created – for smart guys like us


Make no mistake about it, you need a nice site

these days – not a newbie-looking site that no

one would want to visit. Instant Site Uploader

gives puts everything into one system to make

your life easier so you can focus on promoting

and making money.


See below what I mean here: